For School Based Health Centers

School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) are located directly in a school to provide that school’s students with primary medical, social, mental health, and health education services designed to meet the psychosocial and physical needs of children and youth within the context of the family, culture, and environment. We can help guide your SBHC in delivering quality asthma care, expanding asthma self-management education, and coordinating student referrals to home-based asthma services.

Our First Year Success

Between February 2022 and February 2023, participating students had a pre-assessment mean score of 43% and a post-assessment mean score of 65%, shining light on our impact on education in schools.

comprised of 22 clinics throughout New York State took on the project

trained in educational tools

served in school-based health centers, ranging from grades two to twelve

What Students Receive

Upon participating, students will receive the following:

SBHC Order Form

SBHC Locations in Relation to NYS Asthma Burden

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